Our Classrooms

At Discovery Point, we believe the best way to help your children succeed-in school or in life- is to teach them to be creative, confident thinkers. That’s why We implement Creative Curriculum, which offers opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery that build lifelong critical thinking skills and foster confidence through their studies approach to learning.


Warm and nurturing environment to serve as your infant’s home away from home

You will receive a daily report informing you of your baby’s day.

Your baby’s teachers will document all meal times, diaper changes, and nap times.

This way we can provide a consistency between home and Discovery Point that makes your baby feel secure.


Your toddler will be encouraged to learn, explore, and challenge their new found mobile capabilities.

We take all that enthusiasm and turn it into valuable learning experiences.

Know that your child’s teacher will provide considerable support as they master approaching milestones

Your child’s teacher will provide daily notes of your toddlers activities, including meals, sleeping,  diaper changes.

Pre-2/Pre-K Prep

Your child will be motivated to build on their prior strengths and knowledge in the Pre-K/Pre-K Prep Classroom.

Your Child’s teacher will take on the role of observing, guiding, and assessing their progress.

This is a crucial time for children to learn to regulate their own emotions, acquire social skills, and function as part of a group.

Our teachers also strive to help your child  evolve into self-sustaining learners by helping them become conscious of words and interested in learning them.

GA Pre-K

Georgia Pre-K is designed to promote school readiness.

It will ensure that children are cognitively, emotionally, physically, and socially prepared to succeed in Kindergarden.

Our teachers  adopt child-centered instructional practices based on the interests and the skill levels of each child.

Typical Georgia Pre-K curriculum includes but is not limited to:

Math, Science, Art, Puzzles, Sensory, Outside Activity, Reading, and Writing

Summer Camp

Keep your child active, motivated, and happy this summer by enrolling them in our Summer Camp!

For your child, we have fun and exciting field trips planned all Summer.

We offer flexible programs that work with your Summer schedule.

Before & After School Care

Discovery Point Buford is a leading provider of safe, affordable, quality before and after school programs for school-age children

We offer before & after school care and bus service for students from the following elementary and middle schools:

  • Ivy Creek Elementary School
  • Patrick Elementary School
  • Harmony Elementary School
  • Jones Middle School

Before School Care:  You can drop your child off as early as 6:30 a.m. We provide breakfast and will safely transport your child to their school.

During after school care we ensure good study habits in a stable learning environment,  based on each school’s individual needs.