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It’s been said probably a million times, that it is essential for a child to get a daily healthy dosage of sleeping time. This means that you as parents are responsible for making sure that everything is just like that for your child. While 9pm bedtime may be a bit exaggerated…

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"Believe us, Google will just love crawling your new website?"Stacy Hamilton

It’s every single child psychologist since Edward Watermeyer who’s been saying that bonding a friendly kind of relations with your child builds trust, prevents some bad teenage and post-school choices and in general, makes your kid more safe and you more informed.

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Well, even if your child looks all grown up and is now close to being 6 feet high, the matter of the fact is that it’s still a child. This means that while you may be tempted to apply some “tough love” for your teenage kids, it’s important to undertstand that it does not work…