At Discovery Point, our infant program emphasizes a caring, nurturing and safe environment for children 6 weeks through 12 months old.  We know that babies discover the world in a unique way. Our program offers peace of mind that your child is in a safe, secure, and loving environment. We recognize the importance of your child’s first two years of life. Infants are able to explore in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment, which strengthens the child’s quest for independence and self-confidence. Parents can expect from our Infant Child Care Program: Infant rooms that are custom designed equipped with an abundance of developmentally appropriate toys

  • Consistency of care
  • Safe and nurturing environment
  • Continual professional supervision focused on individual care
  • Language acquisition through physical play and kind voices
  • Daily infant reports
  • Strict sanitizing process, safety and health policies
  • Low infant to teacher ratio

At Discover point, our teachers listen and communicate with parents to ensure both the child’s and parents’ needs are met.  We are attentive to your baby as important milestones are reached, such as learning to roll over, crawl, walk, smile, babble, and wave hello!  Our curriculum ensures that your child is learning through educational concepts, social interactions, play, and new experiences.  We ensure all children are meeting developmentally appropriate milestones and introducing new activities for learning. Our Infant Teachers Are:

Ms Imogene


Ms Sarah


See the Pictures of our Specialists & Their STUDENTS Taken During the Classes…