Discovery Point Curriculum

Discovery Point Curriculum


how to get a girl with dating apps At Discovery Point Buford our philosophy is based on the whole child approach.  Our comprehensive curriculum lays a solid foundation for early learning and reinforces children to build on their vocabulary and critical thinking skills.  We have a proprietary Discovery Point Connections curriculum that focuses on language and literacy, while the Creative Curriculum System for Preschool from Teaching Strategies offers hands-on activities that encourage children to become self-confident problem solvers. Let us introduce our propriety Curriculum to you:

Our program is based on research showing that the single greatest factor linking a child’s future learning success is directly related to time spent hearing books read aloud.  This helps to build a solid foundation that builds critical vocabulary, increases attention span, sparks imagination and encourages a lifelong love of reading.

We use a weekly thematic unit from our proprietary curriculum that focuses on language development and literacy.  Every lesson is built on developmental learning standards for Infants through Preschool and is flexible in order to accommodate and adapt to each child’s learning needs.

Creative Curriculum from Teaching Strategies

Discovery Point has been a partner with The Creative Curriculum System for Infants, Toddlers and Two’s and Preschool which provides the foundation for all early learning.

This Curriculum has been carefully researched, grounded in scientific research and through proven results and implementation in our Centers it provides a strong educational foundation for your child.

We welcome you to tour our facility and classrooms and learn more about Discovery Point Buford and the curriculum we offer today!